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Get a Brighter & Whiter Celebrity Smile

A dazzling white smile can boost your confidence at work, in social settings, or simply whenever you see yourself in the mirror. If your teeth are stained from certain foods and beverages or tobacco use, the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure can restore them to their bright, naturally radiant state.


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 Zoom Teeth Whitening Procedure at Smile Designers 

Zoom Teeth Whitening is a safe, popular bleaching process that lightens discoloration of the enamel and dentin layers of your teeth. The procedure takes less than an hour, although a regular dental cleaning is recommended first to remove any surface stains. 

After covering the lips and gums for protection, your dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide whitening gel that penetrates the enamel to remove stains. Next, specialized light from a patented Zoom Advanced Power Chairside Lamp helps to activate the gel and accelerate the bleaching process. During each procedure, the gel is applied for three 15-minute sessions of light activation. After 45 minutes, your dentist will apply a sensitivity-reducing fluoride paste for comfort.

Why is Philips Zoom better than competitors?

  • Philips is an internationally recognized lighting brand, so it’s no surprise the Philip’s Zoom Teeth Whitening system is superior to competitors.


  • The Philips system is highly customizable with three different lamp intensity settings, and the advanced blue LED light is clinically proven to whiten your teeth up to 8 shades in one visit.


  • The Philips system can also treat patients with severe tooth discoloration with the optional Ultimate Protocol, which is a combination of in-office whitening treatment and customized take-home trays to use as needed.

How to minimize pain after Zoom Teeth Whitening

Although it’s uncommon to experience discomfort following Zoom Teeth Whitening, some patients report an increase in tooth sensitivity after the procedure, particularly a “zinging” feeling on the surface of the teeth. To address the possibility of tooth sensitivity, your dentist will provide specialized anti-sensitivity gel, which you can use in your custom take-home trays for 30-minute intervals until the sensitivity subsides. You can also use sensitive tooth toothpaste for a couple of weeks if the sensitivity persists. 

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     Zoom Teeth Whitening post-treatment care

    Post-treatment care for Zoom Teeth Whitening includes custom-fitted trays and a specialized Zoom solution to use for touch-ups as needed. It’s also important to maintain your regular oral health routine, including brushing and flossing to prevent stains from returning. Whitening toothpastes offer even more protection from stains. You’ll want to avoid tobacco products, which quickly stain teeth and can result in overall poor oral health, and limit the consumption of foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. 


     What can you eat after teeth whitening?

    In the immediate 48 hours after a Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure, your teeth will be especially susceptible to stains, so your dentist might recommend a “white diet” that is limited to foods and beverages that are white or clear in color, such as rice, bananas, and milk. After the 48-hour period, you can reduce future discoloration by avoiding certain food and beverages known to stain teeth. These include: 

    • Soda and dark juices
    • Coffee and tea
    • Red wine
    • Red meat
    • Berries
    • Soy sauce
    • Balsamic vinegar
    • Tomato sauce
    • Beets

    For beverages that cause stains, you can reduce the impact on your teeth by using straws, but avoiding them completely will give you the longest-lasting results from your Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment.

    Zoom Teeth Whitening at Smile Designers San Diego

    If you want a bright new smile in under an hour, give Smile Designers a call at (619) 222-6000 to schedule your Zoom Teeth Whitening consultation.

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