Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Implants?

Should I Get a Second Opinion on Dental Implants?

Dental implants require an extensive surgical procedure. The surgery can rejuvenate your smile and restore the pleasure of eating your favorite foods, but it’s also irreversible and can be quite costly, so it’s not something to do on a whim. If your dentist has recommended dental implants but you’re having doubts or don’t quite know if it’s the best option for you, you may want to get a second opinion. A second opinion can help you feel confident in your decision, save you money, or provide you with another treatment option you hadn’t considered. Read on for more information about getting a second opinion on dental implants


When to get a second opinion on dental implants


The dental implant procedure takes months from consultation to completion. If you’re not comfortable with your implant surgeon or you are unsure about whether the procedure is necessary at all, you could be heading for months of worry and discomfort. Getting a second opinion can help alleviate the anxiety and allow you to focus on anticipation of the results instead. On the other hand, if you’re already comfortable with your dentist and you’re sure dental implants are the right choice for you, you don’t have to get a second opinion. Just keep in mind that you have the right to seek the opinion of another implant specialist. Here are some situations that may warrant getting a second opinion on dental implants:


  • When you don’t have a good rapport with your dentist
  • When you’re surprised by the sudden recommendation for dental implants
  • When you question the dentist’s qualifications for performing the procedure
  • When the cost you’re quoted seems excessively high
  • When your dentist seems unwilling or unable to explain the procedure
  • When the treatment plan also involves the extraction of your natural teeth
  • When something just doesn’t feel right


Some dentists may like to give the impression that they are an authority figure, but the truth is, your dentist is your partner in oral health. A healthy relationship with your dentist involves clear communication that goes both ways. If for any reason you feel like communication is lacking, or if you feel like your concerns or questions are being dismissed, you may want a second opinion just to get your questions answered so you can make the most informed decision possible. 


Benefits of getting a second opinion


If you love your current dentist, you may be surprised to find that they’re the hardest person to tell that you want to hold off on dental implant surgery until you can get a second opinion.  But don’t worry about hurting their feelings. Dentists understand the need to be sure before you commit to a major, irreversible surgical procedure. It might make it easier to tell your dentist if you consider the potential benefits of following your instinct and consulting another specialist before you move forward. The benefits of getting a second opinion on dental implants include:


  • You may receive confirmation of your diagnosis or treatment 
  • You may learn that you’re a good candidate for a less invasive treatment
  • You could learn additional information about your condition or the treatment plan
  • You may find an implant specialist who is more experienced or qualified or who has a more compatible communication style
  • You may decide that dental implants are exactly the right choice for you
  • You may confirm that your current dentist is the only person you trust to perform your dental implant surgery


At Smile Designers in San Diego, we believe in keeping our patients as comfortable as possible every step of the way. If you’re our current patient and you’re looking for a second opinion before you commit to implant surgery at Smile Designers, we can provide you with second opinion dentist recommendations. We have contact information for a number of dentists who would be happy to provide you with a second opinion. We’ll even send your dental records to them. Just ask!


Dental implant second opinion in San Diego | Smile Designers

If you’ve been told you need dental implants and you’re looking for a second opinion, we can help. If you bring a copy of your dental records and any recent X-rays to your consultation, we’ll get you set up with a full evaluation and second opinion with Dr. Armin Hage, an award-winning diplomate of the International Academy of Dental Implantology who has performed over 10,000 successful dental implants. For more information on dental implant second opinions, or any other dental second opinion you need, give us a call at (619) 222-6000 to set up consultation today.