Solutions for durable, stable replacement teeth

Solutions for durable, stable replacement teeth

Implant Supported Dentures San Diego

Dentures are prosthetic devices used to replace missing teeth, whether it’s a small group, a full arch, or a full mouth. Available in a variety of materials and styles, dentures offer immediate functionality, allowing you to bite, chew, and smile again.

When do you need dentures?

Aging, gum disease, mouth trauma, and other factors can result in tooth loss, making it difficult to eat or making you self-conscious about your smile. Dentures are an affordable option for replacing missing teeth, but you may not want to wait until your teeth are missing to look into getting dentures. Even while your teeth are intact, there are several warning signs that you might soon need dentures.

These include:

  • Severe toothaches may signal advanced decay and the need for extraction
  • Red, swollen gums indicate potential periodontal disease, which can lead to tooth loss
  • Loose or moving teeth may point to tooth decay that requires extraction
  • Pain and difficulty chewing may be a sign of severe tooth decay

While some tooth pain can be alleviated with root canal therapy or periodontal treatments, full extraction is usually necessary for advanced tooth decay.

Getting partial dentures

Partial dentures are a great option for patients who only need to replace a few missing teeth, or less than half of their total teeth. Anchored by precision metal clasps, partial dentures replace a portion of your teeth and rely on the surrounding healthy teeth for support. Partial dentures look like normal teeth.  In addition to keeping your smile intact, they also prevent nearby teeth from shifting or moving.


Getting complete dentures

Complete dentures have become much more advanced in recent years, and most modern dentures have integrated supports that allow you to wear them without adhesive strips or paste. If you need complete dentures to replace a full arch or full mouth of teeth and you require extractions beforehand, you may need to wait a couple of months for your gums to heal before you can comfortably wear them. 

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    Pros and cons of dentures

    As with any major dental treatment, there are pros and cons to getting dentures, and any decision should be made only after consulting with a dental professional. The main advantage of dentures is they are the quickest and least invasive option for replacing missing teeth, especially when compared to dental implants. Dentures are also a less expensive option, and because they are removable, they are very easy to clean.

    One of the drawbacks of getting dentures is that they need to be refitted and replaced every five years or so as your jaw changes shape. Without natural teeth or implants to support the jawbone, it will begin to deteriorate over time. Dentures can also affect your sense of taste because they cover the palate. Additionally, dentures do require proper care that is outside the normal brush-and-floss routine that you are accustomed to—if not maintained properly, they can introduce bacteria into your mouth and cause gum disease. 

    The best way to determine if dentures are appropriate for you is to schedule a consultation with one of the dental professionals at Smile Designers.


    Does dental insurance cover dentures?

    All dental insurance plans vary, but in general, most policies will pay for at least a portion of the cost of dentures. At Smile Designers, we offer financing options, so be sure to ask during your consultation.

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    Dentures are an easy, affordable option for restoring the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. If you’re ready to enjoy your favorite foods again and smile without shame or embarrassment of your missing teeth, call Smile Designers at (619) 222-6000 to find out if partial or full dentures might be right for you.

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